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Born in Luxembourg in 1968.

Living and working in Luxembourg.

Member of EMPREINTE Atelier de gravure since 2013


Printmaking classes at Empreinte

Life drawing classes at CEPA Luxembourg & EKA Trier 

Exhibitions (selection)

- Salon du CAL 2019, 2021, 2023

- Luxembourg Art Week / Take Off 2016 - 2023

- Festival de la gravure / Diekirch

- Printemps de la gravure, Galerie Beau Site, Arlon, 2020,      2022

- "My Body My Rights" by Amnesty International Luxembourg

- "Reg'Art 2016 Migrations", Schongfabrik / Kayl Tétange

- "Territorial Puzzle" by Presse Papier, Trois Rivières / CA

Other projects

- "Echos", personal exhibition at Millegalerie , Beckerich 2023

- "Made in Luxembourg" at Gallery Hollar in Prague, CZ

- "Figure in Print - La représentation humaine dans la gravure au Luxembourg de 1945 à nos jours" at MNHA / BnL, 2021

- "L'Odeur du sel" with Elsa Rauchs at Kulturhaus Mersch, 2018

- "PRINTMaking", International Contemporary Printmaking Exhibition / Forum 2018, with Empreinte & Cepa Centre pour la Promotion des Arts

- "Vis - à - Vis", with Coopérations Wiltz, at Kulturhaus Mersch, 2017

- Artist's residency "WANTED", by Kulturhuef, Printmaking Museum / Grevenmacher, 2015


I work mainly in printmaking (relief print and intaglio) and drawing (sketches, landscape, nature and life drawing).

I use classic intaglio techniques, - dry point, etching, soft ground, aquatint, ... - but I am really fascinated by the range of artistic expression and the straightforwardness of woodcuts.

Drawing, lines, surface and structure, are recurrent elements in my work, and allow me to explore and grasp the essential of my motives, from the figurative to the limits of the abstract.

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