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Sedentary Wanderer

The sedentary wanderer, contrast and contradiction. The leg rests on a cushion and its base, a custom build plinth; the walking instrument par excellence has acquired a territory of rest. The engraved trees around the calf and shin allude to the distance, to foreign and far away countries, the base seems established and immobile.

Of practical origin, the leg was used to stretch and model leather into boots.

Wooden leg, with woodcut pattern, engraved and inked in black,

The Necessity of Longing

The cloud, symbol of flight, of the horizon, of the desire to escape, engraved on a suitcase. Classic object of departure and travel, or storage box for souvenirs, keeper of memories; The suitcase contains half-packed, hidden, or incomprehensible items that have meaning to me, but which I do not reveal in detail. Is it good or even necessary to have desires, longings? Are my desires directed towards the future or towards the past? Does this secret content create desires, and awaken our curiosity to know what we cannot obtain? (And what will the potential buyer do, when he has the suitcase and its contents – will he respect my desire to hide the objects? Or will he succumb to his curiosity and end up opening package after package…)

Wooden suitcase with a cloud, engraved and inked as a woodblock, on the lid.

Content: Works on paper, childhood objects, packaged objects, fragile collected or found pieces


The traveler in the mind – escaping while dreaming, like the schoolboy at his desk who folds paper boats and sends them into the unknown. The pattern includes the instructions for folding the paper, an image of hands, and, mixing perspectives, bare feet in the water, a stream disappearing between large stones... Lectern with woodcut pattern, engraved and inked in black, on the tablet 2 half-open drawers, the upper one filled with blank sheets of paper and the lower one filled with folded paper boats. Shown at Salon du CAL 2023

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